The success story began in 1978


Throughout this year 1978, the Society was born through the joint efforts of brothers and sisters who have decided to accept the challenge of starting their own project. Strengthened by his experience, reinforced with his will and convictions, every one of them has decided to give his best  to make the dream come true ...

Corporate policy

Our recipe for success: Satisfied employees <=> satisfied customers

  • Compliance with current regulations 
  • Family atmosphere
  • Respect of High quality standard and delivery reliability
  • Continuous improvement of offered services
  • Environmental management and insurance of safety procedures. 

The team

The team consists of 50 employees spread over the following activities: business management, process management, maintenance, tailoring, manufacturing, finishing, quality assurance and packaging.

Thanks to a good selection of the workforce, continuous support, targeted training and a motivating and healthy social working environment, our company is able to ensure the stability of its staff and to maintain and extend its know-how over several years.