Daily tasks

Contract manufacturing of clothing for the fashion industry patterning, pattern duplication and series production of


  • Ladie's wear (DOB)
  • Children's clothing (KIKO)
  • Men's Outerwear (HAKA)
  • working clothes
  • Cloth bags or accessories

Contract manufacturing of your fashion collection, sample collection, designer collection, prototypes


The wage assembly takes place as follows. The material, mainly the material, is provided by the customer - according to a contract for work.

Additional services

The basic performance plus the selection as well as the purchase of fabrics and accessories are summarized.

The possibility to take over the entire process from purchasing to delivery.

the possibility to ensure for our customers:

  • Purchase of fabrics and accessories
  • Advice on the selection of fabrics and accessories
  • Advice on fabric treatment
  • Advice on manufacturability


product spectrum

We offer various production possibilities to our customers. Through many years of experience, we can provide a diverse range of products


  • DOB
  • KIKO
  • menswear
  • accessory